Using the materials

Using the materials

A 6-week journey of transformation

Preach a SERIES; schedule a regular PROGRAM; or run in a SMALL GROUP

Getting the greatest benefit …

The materials achieve the greatest impact when run as a six-week course or campaign with a weekend retreat scheduled after week two.

Participants read one short chapter daily, 6 days/week. They then answer an application in their book, or workbook.

Participants meet weekly to process their responses and apply the principles to their life.


All you need to create a powerful campaign

Use the sermon outlines, video and graphic pack to create a powerful series.

Messages can stand alone, or combine with 6 weeks of group study (if people follow along in the book).

Regular program

Allocate a point-person to oversee the programs
Huge resources available for Church Directors.

Running the courses regularly as part of your discipleship pathway, requires someone to lead the team and culture.

Run in a small group

Online resources that equip you to lead well
Take your small group through an intensive study series.

A great way to add spiritual depth to your small group. By undergoing the journey together, it builds unity.

Lives change when you run a powerful weekend retreat.
  • Materials available to run your own retreat.
  • Designed to compliment course content.
  • Allows participants to pause, pray, & grow.
  • Engages people with God in a new way for a new season.

Available now for Church Directors

All the materials you need to run your own, self-facilitated spiritual retreat.

Thousands of lives have been transformed in these week-ends of worship, prayer, teaching and ministry.

Best run after week two of the content, the retreat creates an incredible environment for people to pause their busy lives, and engage with God.

Sessions are designed to take people on an authentic journey of applying the principles they are learning, and preparing them for the next stage of the course.

How to implement the programs … (more detail)


1) Check-out the material

Go through the material yourself, then either have your pastor conduct a six-week sermon series or campaign, or take a group of potential leaders through a course.

2) Allocate key roles

Assign a Church Director who gets full access to all materials and training. Train facilitators.

3) Book a retreat venue

Retreats run after week two in each course. Retreats can accommodate single or multiple course streams at once. Church Directors have access to all relevant retreat resources.

4) Promote to the church

Promote the courses and begin registrations 4-6 weeks prior to commencement.

5) Train facilitators

Train new facilitators in the month leading to commencement. Online training is available, with the option of two (2 hour) workshop sessions.

6) Watch lives transform

The 6-week journey of each course is a wonderful time. Conclude with a Testimony day, where stories are shared.
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