Rhythms of Grace Series

Truly transformative materials

Designed to catalyse key movements of spiritual growth, these materials equip believers to walk and work with God in new ways.

Addresses deep questions and issues that get people stuck, leaves them powerless, and confused about their calling. Find out why they work here.

reform - re:FORM. A powerful journey into whole-person transformation

Feature list:

  • Deeply practical, theological, and principle-based content
  • Daily reading and personal application questions
  • Daily immersion in scripture passages
  • Weekly small-group or mentoring sessions
  • Resources available for church-wide campaigns, and discipleship programs
  • Clear outcomes such as growth plans for each course
  • Mid-course weekend retreats to maximise impact

Unlocking the Rhythms of Grace:

Invites readers to enter into new and profound seasons of growth in traits of eternal value: faith, hope or love.

Applying Jesus’ promise from Matthew 11:28-29 (MSG) to “Come and have a real rest. Walk with me, walk with me, watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace


  • Great for group study (4 weeks)
  • Short, impacting daily readings.

Hierarchy of current books in the series

1st tier materials are ideal for small groups or a church-wide campaign to introduce and promote the Rhythms.

2nd tier materials are in-depth programs that catalyse a shift in spiritual maturity. Can be run as a regular part of a church calendar. Include a mid-course weekend retreat.

Tiered Application:

Unlocking the Rhythms of Grace: A principled and encouraging overview of the discipleship journey into faith, hope and love. Discusses the various rhythms in which we walk and work with God. (Individual or small group use)

re:FORM: A powerfully transformative journey into life-change. Applies in-depth the rhythm of repentance and belief. (Individual or small group use)

re:FOCUS: A profound realignment of our life’s purpose with God’s eternal mission & calling. Applies in various ways the rhythm of faith & deeds. (Individual or small group use)

Why do these materials change so many lives?

On their own, they don’t. We need more than good information to be transformed. These materials are crafted to make use of four dynamics that together will bring comprehensive life-change.

They also address the questions people are actually wanting and needing answered. Questions about how to engage with God more powerfully, break their ungodly habits, and discover their calling in life. They are also target specific stages of discipleship where people get stuck, and catalyse significant progress.

Finally, invite and equip people to draw on the unlimited grace of God in new ways for their new season. Too much of modern Christianity is about what we can do in our strength – that never works. Download the Introduction to the Rhythms of Grace for a more detailed explanation of how we can partner with God and bear new fruit.

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