For those who will take up their eternal calling


re:FOCUS – realigning your quest for purpose and calling

Our dreams for life are often overlaid with meaningless cultural filters. Our vision gets blurred, and we can easily lose sight of what matters or why we even exist.

We need help to re:FOCUS. In this book you will rediscover the dignified and significant calling we each have, and where you fit into God’s eternal purpose.

reform - re:FORM. A powerful journey into whole-person transformation

How to get most effect from the re:FOCUS journey

  • Engage in the DAILY CONTENT – 6 readings/week, for 6 weeks.
  • Weekly GROUP MEETINGS – to process content and pray together.
  • Attend a mid-course WEEKEND RETREAT – for maximum impact.

Combining this process with content designed to catalyse spiritual growth is immensely effective. More on how to use the material.

I didn’t know people wrote books like this anymore! This is a deep but highly accessible exploration of what it means to follow God and find your purpose. Read it slowly and prayerfully – your life will be transformed.
Malcolm Webber

Founder - CEO, LeaderSource SGA


BOOK: Profound yet easy-to-apply principles to be read and responded to daily – 6/week.

AUDIO: Narrated by the author. Available in all popular audio formats.

E-BOOK: Available for Kindle at the Amazon store.

VIDEO: Available to Facilitators and Church Directors. High-def downloadable video to introduce weekly group sessions.

WORKBOOK: A companion to the material. Allows extra space for participant responses and group work.

re:FOCUS clarifies purpose:

First it changed me – now it is continuing to change a growing number of people in our church.  re:FOCUS brings clarity to our reason for living, and challenges the way we live, and where we invest energy.
Tim Neale

Pastor, Rivers Church of Christ

Running multiple companies can mean you quickly lose focus on what matters for eternity. These principles keep bringing me back to the people and purposes I really live for.
Toby Peacock

Managing Director, Q Solutions

I was  tired of endless energy wastage in my walk with Jesus. This course engaged my heart and the mind into a focused journey to reach the lost and impact the community.
Russell lee

Business owner - Facilitator

I get to see so many lives impacted by these principles every year. Every church needs a course like this to keep their people living both for God and from God.
Tanja Hagedorn

Facilitator, Riverlife Church

re:FOCUS helped me see that God has way more for us and it’s not just for some distant future, it’s for now. He helps us be transformed from the inside and to be part of the transformation of others.
Christine Packer


The methods used within this material are incredibly sound and effective. But the way God is so effectively invited into our lives is something a self-help course could never do. I will be going over this time and again.
Cath Doocey

Psychologist - Coach - Participant, Flourishing Boldly

This isn’t light material! Even though it appeals to every believer, it is deeply thought provoking and challenging, especially for those of us who want to serve God with every breath.
Malcolm Campbell

Pastor, Liberty Church of Christ

God calls me to be before He calls me to do. re:FOCUS will give you the roadmap for how to be God’s representation here on earth. I highly recommend re:FOCUS to everyone serious about following Jesus.
Sallyanne Wissmann

Facilitator - Director Information Management

re:FOCUS is like putting on glasses for the first time. Everything becomes clearer when we pursue God’s purposes for our individual hearts, in our unique situation and with the people He has given to us.
Kim Bertwistle

Participant - Facilitator

Course samples:

Book sample

Group video sample

Audiobook sample

Course flow:

A life of purpose and fruitfulness requires faith & deeds

The world bombards us with priorities and distractions that blur our vision. We need to rediscover why we exist, and how that applies to life on this time and place.

re:FOCUS helps participants to realign their thinking and actions with eternal calling and design. But real impact comes from the power of Christ within, and so we must learn how to partner with Christ if we are to bear eternal fruit.

Where re:FOCUS catalyses growth on the discipleship continuum.
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