Patrick Hegarty


Patrick is the founder of in Brisbane. He has authored five books on spiritual growth, and many other courses on leadership and spirituality.

As a specialist Spiritual Development pastor for 11 years at Riverlife church, and senior pastor at SouthPine church, he has walked with thousands of people on their transforming  journey of spiritual growth – facilitating countless retreats and workshops.

Latest Resources

Discipleship & Renewal

Christian life

Building a faith that endures

Jesus longs for a level of faith in us that doesn’t fail when things go badly. A faith that endures despite your circumstances. How do we build a faith like that?

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Working with God (Pt. 2)

What is your God-given calling? When we consider this question. a common confusion, and subsequent stagnation, comes from the fact that there is more than one green light put before us.

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