Discipleship Framework

God’s presence in all of life

I am sometimes asked pointed questions like: “Can you describe what you are all about? What is it you aiming at? What are you chasing? What hill are you prepared to die on?”

People rightly want to know what fuels the heart of the person with the mic. Much of our day-to-day verbiage relates to more peripheral, less central themes.

But if we were to be cut, what is it we would bleed? Do our people know what is the irreducible core that we will defend no matter the cost?

For me it has boiled down to this, a dedication to experience and help others to engage God’s presence in all of life.

The very essence of what it means to be a human being is that earthly dust mingles with divine breath (Gen.2:7). When God’s presence is absent there is death. Adam’s fall was the first demonstration of that separation. And hell itself is the ultimate expression of eternal separateness from God.

Jesus promised to always be with us as a Helper, and yet most believers live daily as practical atheists. They rely on God for ultimate salvation, but have little idea how to experience the promised life that comes from breathing deeply from the powerful Spirit of God.

Many have given up.

They assumed that the manifestation of God’s presence should always equate to a miracle, manifestation or an end of their particular trouble. Therefore, if a sickness isn’t healed, an anxiety isn’t dissolved, or a circumstance remains unchanged, they silently wonder “Where was God? Did I fail that time, or did He?”

I have experienced and seen countless instances of God performing miraculous things. But it doesn’t happen every time I want it. I will always pursue miracles, but I have learned to not have my faith require them. I have seen people raised from their death bed, and I have also buried people I prayed for.

God is present in all of life – during the good and the bad; whether He works overtly or covertly.

He never fails to give us what we need. He never leaves or forsakes. Our privilege is to participate in that provision by active faith and have it as the key modus operandi of our existence.

Living with a reliance on Gods presence is the means of life, without it encompassing all the ends. It is the dynamic that enables us to fulfil our purpose. It is the way of life, without being the totality of it.

God has given us mandates to fulfill. We each have a unique calling to live out. But we may be more fixated on finding our purpose, and less motivated to fulfil God’s will in God’s way.

But divine ends require divine means.

The word grace at its very heart means “empowering presence”. In Greek it is charis, meaning an external influence that brings about a change. Forgiveness is a form of grace, but grace is much more than forgiveness.

God gives us grace to live, grace to overcome, grace to give, grace to guide & provide. The powerful gifts of the Spirit are even defined as grace-gifts.

We need God’s presence in all of life.

We need Him when calling is confused; when children are rebelling; when marriages fail; and when careers are crushed. We need Him for a miracle, and we need Him when no miracles come.

This is what I pursue – to help people discover and embrace the personal and empowering presence of God in all facets of their life.

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