About Spirit and Truth

About Spirit and Truth

A discipleship journey of word and wonder.

It began with a simple goal – do whatever it takes to help sincere but stagnant 21st century people grow like Christ.

  • Some were stuck in spiritual grid-lock: full of information and energy but with nowhere to take it.
  • Some were experiencing missional over-reach: extending deep into a lost world without God fuelling their hearts.
  • Others were stuck in an emotional bog: unable to pull free and not sure they wanted to.

This generation wants it to be real. They need content with substance, but they also need a genuine and empowering experience of God within. They need and deserve the fullness of Spirit and Truth.

Growth barriers traversed

Research confirms that there are some key points on the discipleship journey where people get stuck or stalled. These resources and retreats are designed to initiate a shift at these points.

A discipleship framework

Programs are one element of an overall discipleship and development framework. We show you how to combine these with people, and process to make powerful & healthy disciples who are equipped to do the same.

Formats that fit life

Content is read or listened-to daily, with application questions included. Take advantage of printed or digital versions, plus group videos and workbooks.

A journey into renewal

The emerging generation has a desire for both substance and Spirit. They want to engage with God in a transformational way, and immerse themselves in meaningful content. They need Spirit and Truth.
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